Cancer Services Providence Care

Providence Care has been recognized as instituting one of the most innovative approaches to cancer care in the state of South Carolina. Our Palliative Care Alliance Program provides services and resources to help support patients and their loved ones throughout their experience with cancer. Whether you are still seeking curative treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy, our medical team can meet you at home after your treatments to reduce your side effects and pain issues associated with your treatments.

Services include:

  • In Home pain and symptom control
  • Individual, couple, and family therapy
  • Support groups / Education
  • Self-image resources
  • Volunteer companionship and peer support

All support services are provided at no charge to patients and their families. We believe there can be Healing Beyond a Cure for our patients and their families. At Providence Care, we believe that quality comprehensive cancer care involves attending to issues beyond the scope of traditional models of medicine. We believe in treating the whole person, not solely the cancer. Further, we believe in treating the whole family, as cancer touches the lives of patients and their loved ones. Since our program was founded, we have continued to provide support services to help patients and their loved ones cope with the impact of cancer on their lives. We give patients and their families the opportunity to receive services that otherwise may not have been available or financially accessible. At Providence, we envision our program as a supportive, beneficial, and accessible resource that provides professional services to patients and families to adopt as part of their cancer care.