• Ownership:

    You, the other employees and our patients are in charge. We answer to our patients and employees, not Board Members.

  • Innovation From the Bottom Up:

    There is no red tape:  Everything we have created has been because of the innovation of our teams and staff members. Your suggestions will be heard.

  • Professionalism:

    We invest in you with training, learning, and development. We don’t grow our business; we grow our people. Our people grow our business.

  • Passion:

    We lift each other up.  Together, we serve, we express, we add value – and we change the lives of all we touch.

  • Teamwork:

    We got your back. The tables where we sit are all level. No one is more important than the other.

  • Culture of trust:

    We are governed by our values not by rules.

  • Transformation:

    We are changing the way people view their death and dying so they can enjoy the end of their lives.