Our rights and freedoms were purchased with the sacrifices of our Veterans and their families.  Most of us will never know the loss of a loved one in war, or the long road to recovery of a soldier that came home, maimed or forever disfigured.  This is a debt that as citizens of this great nation we cannot repay but one in which we must not ever forget to SALUTE.

Providence is honored to pay tribute to our American Heroes who are facing end of life with a terminal illness.  Providence SALUTES is our way of saying “thank you” to our veterans through certificates of appreciation and special pinning ceremonies that honors their service and sacrifice. For veterans in their final days, this special recognition helps to heal their hearts and ease their passing. It helps to heal the emotional tolls of wars that may have been fought so long ago but still lives within them today.  In addition to this recognition, our staff is specially trained to deal with the grief and loss that our veterans have experienced.  Free counseling and support is offered by our PTSD trained clinicians.

For the families of the veterans, it helps to promote a lasting legacy that will long endure.  For many, Providence SALUTES is the first time these heroes have ever received a simple thank you or recognition for their service to our country.

If you are a veteran, or know of someone that would benefit from this free service to the community, please contact us.   Let us not let them leave us without the last SALUTE in which they have earned.