Human beings, by nature, have a desire to make a meaningful impact on the word around them. Being a volunteer at Providence Care is a most rewarding experience. The men and women who serve as volunteers have the opportunity to share their time with those who need it most. They are a vital part of the services Providence provides to our families. They provide priceless care, relief and comfort to the patient and the family during their hour of need.

Volunteers are the heart and should of any successful community – based organization. Without the assistance of such devoted individuals, Providence Care would be unable to fulfill its mission. Today, more than ever families are asking for specialized and palliative care services. Volunteers are needed in a variety of areas and are in high demand!

Volunteering Benefits You

Pursing a college education is more than just reading a text book or sitting through another lecture. It’s about taking what you learn and EXPERIENCING life. By volunteering, you will learn from others’ real life experiences and they will learn from yours.

Although college life can be hectic and schedules can be chaotic, you have picked up this pamphlet because you are interested in serving your community. Providence offers many flexible opportunities for you to serve with the talents you have. And in doing so not only will others benefit from you; you will also be greatly benefiting and investing in your future.

  • Enhance your social life
  • Build up your resume
  • Learn hands on skills
  • Gain perks from sponsors
  • Expand your sense of purpose and accomplishment

Ways You Can Help

In the Home

  • Relieve the primary caregiver, so he or she can take care of personal needs or run errands
  • Read or just listen to the patient
  • Pick up medical supplies
  • Grocery shop for the family
  • Assist with hospital / doctor visits

At Providence’s Office

  • Bulk mailings
  • Filing, phone calls, making copies, answering phones.
  • Special outreach projects
  • Date entry

Other Needs

  • Fundraising Projects
  • Special Events
  • Community outreach programs
  • Children’s camps and workshops

Professional Training

Volunteers are provided trainings and direction before they are assigned a Patient or Family. They communicate regularly with the Providence Care staff to learn how to support the patients and their family.

Training and orientation for new volunteers are conducted as needed. In-service workshops are provided at regular intervals throughout the year so that volunteers may keep abreast of state and federal requirements and regulations. If you truly want to make a difference in the lives of other people, Providence Care is for you.