When you’re facing a serious illness or a chronic condition, you might feel like your own physical health and well being are beyond your control. You might feel overwhelmed by the pain and symptoms of your condition, and you may be unsure of where to turn for help and relief. You should know that your pain and symptoms can be controlled, however, with the right kind of treatment. Through our House Calls program, Providence Care can help to manage your pain and symptoms, allowing you to have your best life possible.

Many elderly people endure pain, discomfort and unpleasant symptoms of their illness because they’ve reached a point in life when getting the medical care they need is difficult. It may be because of limited mobility, or simply because they don’t have anyone who can take them to their needed medical appointments. That inability to get the proper medical care means they are not able to manage their pain and symptoms as necessary – and that makes it hard to enjoy life. But with Providence Care’s House Calls program, patients no longer need to worry about the often-difficult trek to medical appointments – we come to you.

Our program provides patients with medical house calls, bringing physicians and nurse practitioners right into their homes. With a primary care team specially trained and board certified in geriatric and internal medicine, you or your loved one will get pain and symptoms under control. There will be no more transportation hassles, uncomfortable waiting rooms or even worry about how to best manage your medical care. We coordinate your entire care plan by making sure that your medications, physicals, and vaccinations are current. You’ll have fewer trips to the emergency room and hospital, and enjoy greater comfort and health.

When you choose our House Calls program, you can regain control over your life. We’ll help you design a personalized plan that can help ease your pain and symptoms. You’ll receive all the care you’d expect to receive at the doctor’s office in the comfort, privacy, familiarity and safety of your own home. Patients who most benefit from our pain and symptom control services include those who are:

  • Frail, elderly or debilitated
  • Homebound due to mobility issues
  • Unable to easily get to a doctor’s office
  • Suffering from a medically complex or chronic illness

Your Providence Care team will follow your healthcare wishes and will strive toward helping you manage and control any pain and ease any symptoms. We know it is painful for those living with a chronic condition or terminal illness. We’ll support you in making the decisions that are the best for you and your condition.

When you or a loved one needs pain and symptom management in the privacy of your own home, you should know that Providence Care is only a phone call or message away. When you visit our contact page, you’ll find our complete listing of telephone numbers depending on your area, as well as a convenient online contact form if you’d prefer to contact us online. Either way you contact us, you can rest assured that we will be ready to help you. At Providence Care, we provide hope in action, and we look forward to being a part of your life.