Hospice Care in

Union County, SC

Do you have a family member who is facing a life-changing condition? Then you should know you have a right to a complete listing of end-of-life care services. We know it can be scary when you’re dealing with this situation. That’s why you deserve a plan of care that is created with you and your loved one top of mind, which offers both stability and uncompromising integrity. The patients in our care believe this truth – that even with a life-threatening disease, a better quality of life is not only possible, but also probable. We deliver this to our patients and their families throughout the Union County, SC area every day.

When you rely on Providence Care to help, your loved one’s pain is replaced with comfort, their fear traded for peace, and their loneliness exchanged with companionship and laughter. We believe your loved one and your family deserve this higher level of care. That’s why we work tirelessly to help people in Union County, SC receive the best hospice care available – beyond body, the care we offer is for the heart, mind and soul of every client and family we help.

Providence Care proudly provides complete, compassionate hospice care in Union County, SC.

At Providence Care, we are owned and operated in the areas we serve, including Union County, SC. We are local, community-based and provide hospice and palliative care throughout the area. We live and work with our friends and neighbors who we help, and local donors, volunteers, churches, businesses and civic groups support us. Our focus is, and always has been, on our communities throughout South Carolina – we care about these communities because we live here, and the people we help are truly our friends, neighbors and members of our churches.

We are Union County, SC’s leading palliative care provider, and we offer the best in alternative care and compassion to people who are facing a terminal illness. Our mission is to empower our patients and their families, and to help them take control of themselves in the areas that healing is available. Providence Care is committed to unparalleled delivery of compassionate, end-of-life care that is patient-focused. By providing an array of services and a diverse staff, we can customize a program that specifically meets the needs of each individual client. As we work toward setting new standards of quality in hospice care, we also strive to exceed the expectations of our patients and their families. Let’s get to living.

For the hospice care you need in your Union County, SC home, contact Providence Care today.

When you or a loved one needs hospice care in your Union County, SC home, you should know that Providence Care is only a phone call or message away. When you visit our contact page, you’ll find our complete listing of telephone numbers depending on your area, as well as a convenient online contact form if you’d prefer to contact us online. Either way you contact us, you can rest assured that we will be ready to help you. At Providence Care, we provide hope in action, and we look forward to being a part of your life.