House Calls in Spartanburg County, SC

If you’re worried about how you’re going to get back and forth from your doctor’s appointments, you should know that you have an option. Providence Care proudly offers our House Calls program, which brings our physicians and nurse practitioners right to your Spartanburg County, SC home. Our primary care team is specially trained and board-certified in geriatric care and internal medicine. You’ll have the benefit of doctor house calls in the comfort of your home, which will help ensure you’re getting the care you need.

By enrolling in our House Calls program, you’ll have access to many services that you’d usually have to leave home for, provided in the comfort of your Spartanburg County, SC home. The benefits you’ll enjoy include:

  • No more transportation hassles or waiting rooms
  • Coordination of all your medical care
  • Assurance that your physicals and vaccinations are current
  • Reduced trips to the emergency room and hospital

Our team of talented health care providers works with you to create an individualized plan and to make sure you’re getting the highest quality of care available. If you haven’t been going to the doctor because arranging care is difficult, or if you’re making frequent trips to the emergency room or hospital, medical house calls are can help you enjoy better health and quality of life. We’ll provide you with the care you’d expect to receive at your doctor’s office, in the comfort, familiarity, privacy and safety of your Spartanburg County, SC home.

Count on Providence Care’s House Calls program for the care you need in your Spartanburg County, SC home.

How do you know if doctor house calls are right for you and your needs? You should know that most of our Spartanburg County, SC area patients are:

  • Frail, elderly and debilitated
  • Homebound due to mobility issues
  • Unable to easily get to a doctor’s office
  • Medically complex or suffering from a chronic illness

Advanced services like x-rays and lab work aren’t a problem, either. With today’s technology, most x-rays, lab work and blood draws can be done right in your Spartanburg County, SC home. How often you require medical house calls depends on your needs. Your initial visit may last an hour and subsequent visits may take 30-45 minutes. Our staff focuses on the care, not the clock.

You will never be turned away for an inability to pay. Your Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance pays just like it would for any doctor visit. To become a House Calls patient, contact Providence Care at (803) 818-6955. We will schedule an assessment right in your Spartanburg County, SC home, within 24 hours of your call.